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———— 2020.09.18

Water Show Dream Back to Jinyang


It is a cultural tourism project about Jinyang culture in China for the first time. It also makes up for the blank in the water show field in Taiyuan City.

The 45-minute uses fire and water as the visual elements and show traditional Jinyang culture like shadow puppets and Jin Temple to the audience. Advanced technology on the stage, such as projection and water mesh is used to create a vigorous audiovisual effect, which perfects the essence of Jinyang’s history and culture and shows the high-spirited style of Jin people. The fountain matrix with an area of up to 182m × 82m has set a new record for the largest underwater fountain matrix in the country. With the water stage that can be lifted up, the dancers are dancing in the water, forming a beautiful painting.

The show has 132 performances in 2019, with over 200,000 people watching the show. The average attendance on weekends and holidays exceeds 94%. It has become one of the most popular performances that people come to enjoy in Taiyuan. It ranks first in the “Taiyuan Super Attractive Scenic Spots List” for consecutive months, and become the only selected tourist destination in Shanxi Province on the domestic well-known ticketing platform “”.

As the pioneering work of Fengshang Culture’s cultural performance brand “Dream” series, Dream Back to Jinyang inherits its consistent quality and artistic taste, focusing on Jinyang’s long history and cultural heritage.

Through the large-scale stage mechanical system, giant fountain matrix, lighting, projection, laser, wire system, drone matrix, fireworks and other technical means, the magnificent scene of the ancient city is created by the Jinyang Lake.

Taking “nature, history, culture, tourism” as the starting point and “water dream” as the theme, the goal is to show a rich culture, harmonious landscape, shocking performance and novel content.

Presenting the legendary charm of Jinyang ancient city and the good wish to the future on this land, creating a dreamlike immersive experience.

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