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———— 2021.05.12

Moment | Fun Shine Culture Take as you have sailed back to jinling the six dynasties


Jinling Town, located in Niushoushan Scenic Area of Nanjing, is the creative producer of cultural tourism products with unique style and meaning after Fengshang Culture created the Zen cultural experience mode of Nianhuawan Zen Town on the basis of the continuation of the innovative mode and with a rigorous attitude. After 8 months of polishing, Fengshang culture indicates the sensory impression of the culture of the six dynasties in Jinling. The image of The Times coming out of the wind will meet with you! Fengshang culture: the culture of the six dynasties, riding the wind and the most chic and artistic style of the era


What was your first impression of the Six Dynasties culture in Jinling? When it comes to this period of history, you may really have a vague impression. You can't even summarize any historical events and legends. You will feel nothing throughout the whole process, which is also the first big problem for the creative team. In that era, Jinling achieved the reputation of the world's literary hub, which made Jinling Nanjing become the center of world civilization on a par with ancient Rome

The people of the Six Dynasties love the mountains and rivers, they are at ease with the life of poetry and painting, such as the mountains and water, the interest of seclusion, the forgings under the trees, the music of the piano and flute master team tells you: in fact, that is one of the most artistic style of the era


The cultural people of that time lived so well

Jinling town of whole performance can be divided into field, indoor and outdoor parts, and deduce the jinling town of content, form a whole performance of the overall performance project, feng ShangWenHua To activate the dusty memory in the six dynasties era of the civilization, made by the cultural context in this step one scene One scene a mood was quietly wake up during the performance

When you see a beauty behind evoked jinling cheng jing, you can open it only belongs to each person's meaning good fortune, greeted with scholars before wen xin pavilion, invite you to the party at that time, literary youth swimming banquet set People move back and forth on the face, between the tail array in into the garden in the beginning, feng ShangWenHua Will be the most intuitive bring you into the dreamland

Fengshang culture is the key key of Jianyu tail fan to understand the historical atmosphere and cultural atmosphere

Refined in the Six Dynasties literati essential elegant Jianyu tail

Transparent screen consists of luminous tail art installation

From then on, you recognize a feather fan you don't know about. To avoid the alienation that forced visitors into the cultural atmosphere of the Six Dynasties, Fengshang culture extracted Jianyu tail fan, an important cultural symbol, and concentrated the elegance of the Six Dynasties culture on the very concrete things. According to the Six Dynasties culture, tourists can establish a personal impression of things. When visitors enter the library pavilion on the second floor of the Wenxin Hall, they are greeted with a text phantamas The bookshelf radiates light. The entire bookshelf is composed of a whole electronic screen, and the words on it are lifelike. At this time, the Benfeng device evolved from the six sides of the Zhu Zhu tail also floats to the front of the bookshelf in a wave of ripples. Fengshang culture begins to show you a world where the wind passes by through these Zhu Zhu tail fan triggering images, unlocking multiple situation interpretation points of the town! Give people with endless imagination space

Cultural Textual Research: Selected Works of Zhaoming

When the incarnation of the six dynasties, the tourists experience the scene of the light of culture in the second floor of the museum, they will go to the first floor to look for more cultural atmosphere of the six dynasties to comprehend the infinite charm of the elegant life

Immerse yourself in a digital sand table, where you're just a speck of dust erasing the boundaries of time and space

As the exhibition center of the town, Wenxin Museum undertakes the important task of receiving guests and displaying the town's elegant demeanor. The Fengshang cultural team also specially innovates the performance mode of the immersed environmental art museum for Wenxin Museum: Through the free movement of visitors to each area of the Wenxin Museum, the whole performing arts space expands one by one with the pace of visitors, which not only eliminates the established spatial boundaries, but also endows the viewers with a unique multi-dimensional sensory experience. Feng ShangWenHua for tourists exquisitely designed a indoor immersed space, based on the perspective, been immersed dynamic digital sand table endlessly panoramic view of the composition, using the characteristics of diachronic view and people visual illusion experience, senior team quality, and the illusion of space and time, space, in a narrow area is combined with unbounded world of the six dynasties culture Here you are just a speck of dust, and the fluttering breeze wafts on the digital sand table world, giving you an immersive experience, breaking your traditional vision and senses so that visitors can have a strong resonance and quickly understand the whole Jinling town and the culture of The Times! Fengshang culture brings you to the unique charm of the art of musical, chess, calligraphy and painting tea in the Six Dynasties. The Six Arts show the culture of the Six Dynasties, not through simple traditional interpretation, but through exquisitely set up the interactive way by the creator team, which links the subtle relationship between the Six Arts and the natural and social philosophy of mountains and rivers. Let you draw a mountain, turn ink into a forest and write a word. See the word such as face, hold a chess insight global......

Figure | kunqu opera performances

Figure | chess, chess room metope projection in the light, like virtually two people in the game

Figure | calligraphy visitors in front of the console table MiaoHong, presenting songs, leave behind the image on the guest, wonderful dance send will return

Figure | tea metope image presents a tea kungfu picture of the ancient color elegance

In terms of cultural context, cultural history, cultural relics, and other aspects, Fengshang culture creators carry out rigorous textual research and carefully observe the life, production, life and life life, so that visitors can feel the vivid, elegant and interesting life feelings of the literati of the Six Dynasties in the Wenxin Museum. In addition to the interactive experience, Starting from the audience experience, the creators of Fengshang culture use the virtual image technology of dynamic devices, which not only arouse the participation and enthusiasm of tourists, but also have a sense of scene, technology and interaction. When visitors wave the tail fan in their hands, they can mingle and interact with the virtual tail boat in front of the image. With the green wave far away, I pursue the sensory mood of the breeze, jump before the picture

Virtual installation art boat covered with feathers of the Zhu Tail boat

In the overall performance of Jinling Town, Fengshang Culture Creative Team innovated the expression and transmission of the culture of the Six Dynasties, which not only awakened the silent history and culture of Jinling, but also enabled visitors to walk and interact with each other naturally in the fresh cultural scene Experience, forming a sensory space in the panoramic atmosphere to understand the details, so that the traditional culture of the six dynasties and the feelings of real life are related to each other until the drunk sleeping table, Fengshang culture will bring you into another unique Oriental time and space In the rhythm of the symphony waltz, the beauty of the six dynasties walked out of the courtyard of thousands of colors, different from the different times of dress display, their walking to show Ling absolutely

The main creative team of Fengshang culture takes the Admonution of the Lady created by Gu Kaizhi, the goddess of cloud brocade weaving in Nanjing in the Chinese mythology system, as the reference element. The bold attempt is combined with the gorgeous Shostakovich symphony music, and the beautiful face of the beautiful woman! In The Times, there is no sense of consonance, other interesting

Take the graceful female figures in the Admonitions diagram for reference


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